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 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    July 27, 2023

Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

While there is no debate as to WHO created the original chocolate chip cookie, there is some "controversy" as to HOW this classic cookie came to be. According to a story on "It all...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    July 6, 2023

Don't break the budget

I previously wrote about how to save money on your grocery budget even though food costs are on the rise. I offered suggestions from Cami Wells, a Nebraska Extension Educator in Hall County, for foods... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 15, 2023

Cool off with homemade summer treats

It's hot. You're hot. And you want a cool treat to cool off. Preferably something that just came out of the freezer. Sure you can go to the grocery store and buy all sorts of frozen goodies: Ice...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 27, 2023

Consider the pasta-bilities!

Remember when pasta was pretty much spaghetti and elbow macaroni? Now we have rigatoni and bow-tie and cavatelli and manicotti and fettuccine and paccheri and ... well you get the idea. One website I...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 6, 2023

Family favorites for your Easter menu

I recently asked my Facebook friends and family to tell me some of their favorite foods for Easter dinner. While it's always nice to add new dishes to the menu, there is something about holidays that...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 30, 2023

Ham it up for Easter dinner

As you plan your Easter gatherings, don't forget to include everyone's favorite holiday dish: the ham centerpiece. According to the National Pork Board, around 70% of Americans serve ham for Easter...


Already missing the holidays? Celebrate National Popcorn Day

I know I've mentioned this in previous columns, but popcorn is one of my favorite snack foods. I bet it's one of yours as well. And our love of popcorn is just one of the reasons there is a lot to... Full story


A toast to the pork roast

There are lots of dishes out there that are considered comfort foods (meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken and noodles), but in my opinion, roasts - both beef and pork - have to be included on that... Full story


Hot Cocoa: A winter tradition

For kids and adults alike, hot cocoa is often at the top of the list of favorite winter beverages. And with all the store-bought powdered packets available, it's certainly easy to prepare. But guess...


Delicious holiday cookies with heart

For years, I was all about Christmas cookies. Over the course of several days, I'd bake like 18 dozen of six or seven kinds of cookies. I'd make trays to share with friends and coworkers. I'd try new...


Treat your guests to a special holiday weekend

Having guests for Thanksgiving dinner is great. Having treasured friends and family stick around for a couple of extra days is even better. But guests have to eat and you just spent a week (or more!)...


Warm up with vegetable 'stew'

Nothing tastes better on a chilly fall day than a big bowl of homemade vegetable beef stew. Add a slice or two of home-baked bread and you've achieved perfection. Nothing controversial about that,...


Award-Winning Cookies

Are you ready for the State Fair? It's set to start Friday, Aug. 26, in Grand Island and runs through Labor Day. I've been able to make it the past two years - not sure about this year, although I'm... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    July 7, 2022

Wonderful Watermelon

I’m not sure there is a food in the world that says “summer” more than watermelon. Although it’s early in the season, we eat it at Memorial Day cook-outs. The Fourth of July isn’t a proper...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 30, 2022

Summer treats just right for the Fourth of July

This week I'm sharing a few cool treats designed with the Fourth of July in mind: They are all red, white and blue! And they are not only colorful, but created with kids in mind. Most are simple... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 23, 2022

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the budget

It's no secret that grocery prices are on the rise. A trip to the grocery store is going to cost you more than it did a year ago. I'm not going to delve into the "whys" because, to be honest, I didn't...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 2, 2022

Build a better burger

I recently heard somewhere that burgers cooked in a cast iron skillet on the stovetop are better than burgers cooked on a grill. I’m not buying it. The “experts” say a skillet allows the patties...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    May 12, 2022

Picked for a sweet treat

Many years ago (the exact number will remain a mystery), the very first food section I put together for the daily newspaper I was working for was all about strawberries. It was just about this time of... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 21, 2022

Dessrt bars to the rescue!

Need something quick to make and easy to transport to a family gathering, picnic or potluck? Dessert bars are the answer. They can be made ahead of time. They require no utensils to eat. Unlike... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 14, 2022

Color cake - not eggs - for a festive Easter treat

Do you like the idea of decorating eggs for Easter more than the idea of actually eating them? What if you could do the decorating on something a little sweeter? I’ve got the answer to both...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 17, 2022

Celebrate St. Patrick with Irish-inspired snacks, main dishes

Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and - if you're like me - it snuck up on you this year. Maybe it was that hour of sleep we lost last weekend when we went to Daylight Saving Time. Who knows? But, while... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 10, 2022

Celebrating peanut butter all year round

A few weeks ago, I read somewhere that March is National Peanut Butter Month. "Aha!" I thought. "Perfect topic for a column sometime soon." But when I began doing research, I discovered that whoever... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 3, 2022

March is perfect for slow cooking

My first Crockpot - a three-quart avocado green model with a non-removable crock - came to me in the early 1980s when a friend who had recently gotten married regifted one of her five new Crockpots... Full story


Football fanatic or valentine's aficionado?

Some weeks ideas for this column come easy. Others, not so much. Sometimes they just come together. Other times, I sit in front of my computer, deadline on the horizon, and have no idea what I'm... Full story


Celebrate the Year of the Tiger

I don't remember the first time I had Mexican food. I don't remember the first time I ate in an "authentic" Italian restaurant. I do remember the first time I had Chinese. Growing up in a small town i... Full story


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