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 By Bev Wieler    Lifestyle    June 23, 2022 

Out my garden window

I love the sound of a sprinkler on the garden. The spit, spit, spit of water lets me know the day will warm up, corn will continue to grow in the fields and my garden will also thrive and surprise me...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 23, 2022 

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the budget

It's no secret that grocery prices are on the rise. A trip to the grocery store is going to cost you more than it did a year ago. I'm not going to delve into the "whys" because, to be honest, I didn't...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    June 2, 2022

Build a better burger

I recently heard somewhere that burgers cooked in a cast iron skillet on the stovetop are better than burgers cooked on a grill. I’m not buying it. The “experts” say a skillet allows the patties...

 By Bev Wieler    Lifestyle    May 26, 2022

Out My Kitchen Window

I started my day looking out the kitchen window at the spring green of grass, iris, peony plants and the leaves on trees. May offers such a pretty green in the landscape. The early iris are blooming i... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    May 12, 2022

Picked for a sweet treat

Many years ago (the exact number will remain a mystery), the very first food section I put together for the daily newspaper I was working for was all about strawberries. It was just about this time of... Full story

 By Bev Wieler    Lifestyle    April 21, 2022

Out my kitchen window

The sun is shining and the temperature is above freezing. As I look out the kitchen window things are slowly greening up. A pot full of happy little pansies were added recently and they are showing of...

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 21, 2022

Dessrt bars to the rescue!

Need something quick to make and easy to transport to a family gathering, picnic or potluck? Dessert bars are the answer. They can be made ahead of time. They require no utensils to eat. Unlike... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    April 14, 2022

Color cake - not eggs - for a festive Easter treat

Do you like the idea of decorating eggs for Easter more than the idea of actually eating them? What if you could do the decorating on something a little sweeter? I’ve got the answer to both questions: Easter Egg Cake Bites. That’s right — cake... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 17, 2022

Celebrate St. Patrick with Irish-inspired snacks, main dishes

Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and - if you're like me - it snuck up on you this year. Maybe it was that hour of sleep we lost last weekend when we went to Daylight Saving Time. Who knows? But, while... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 10, 2022

Celebrating peanut butter all year round

A few weeks ago, I read somewhere that March is National Peanut Butter Month. "Aha!" I thought. "Perfect topic for a column sometime soon." But when I began doing research, I discovered that whoever... Full story

 By Terri Hahn    Lifestyle    March 3, 2022

March is perfect for slow cooking

My first Crockpot - a three-quart avocado green model with a non-removable crock - came to me in the early 1980s when a friend who had recently gotten married regifted one of her five new Crockpots... Full story


Football fanatic or valentine's aficionado?

Some weeks ideas for this column come easy. Others, not so much. Sometimes they just come together. Other times, I sit in front of my computer, deadline on the horizon, and have no idea what I'm... Full story


Celebrate the Year of the Tiger

I don't remember the first time I had Mexican food. I don't remember the first time I ate in an "authentic" Italian restaurant. I do remember the first time I had Chinese. Growing up in a small town i... Full story


Resolving to eat healthy for 2022

If I had been locked in a cave over the past few days with only Words With Friends on my phone to keep me occupied, I still would have known it was the New Year's holiday weekend. Even without my... Full story


Dips: a favorite party food

There is a reason dips are a favorite when it comes to party food. More than one reason, actually. And with New Year's gatherings and bowl games on the calendar, this is the time to add a couple of... Full story


Last-minute treats great for holiday gifts

Can you believe it's Christmas? In some ways, 2020 has seemed like a very long year. In other ways, it seems to have flown by! If you are in need of some last-minute treats either for gifts or for...


Got chocolate? We've got Christmas cookies!

Last year I wrote a Christmas cookie article featuring some of my favorite holiday cookies I've made over the years. If you tried any of the recipes I hope you enjoyed them. This year I'm sharing... Full story


Holiday season? There's an 'app' for that

I don't know about you, but I missed holiday parties last year. And even though it's still smart to be careful, getting together with family and friends is something we all treasure. Holiday... Full story


Look Beyond Pumpkin Pie For Holiday Desserts

It's no secret I'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie. Especially pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. I know for some folks confessing I don't like pumpkin pie is practically criminal, but it is what it... Full story


Countdown to Thanksgiving

Turkey basics If this is your first time preparing a turkey, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. These safety tips and recommendations come from the United States Department of Agriculture. Befor... Full story


These 'soupy taters' are from Sparks, not the South

One of my family's favorite "comfort food" recipes most likely won't be in any of your cookbooks. For what it's worth, it isn't in any of mine either. It's a dish affectionately called "soupy taters,"... Full story


Get creative with Halloween party drinks

If you're planning a Halloween party - whether for kids or adults - don't forget about beverages when choosing your menu. While it's easy to stock with fridge with orange Kool-Aid for the kids or... Full story


When it comes to fall fruit, pears often take a back seat to apples

Pairing pears - Pears are good in salads, where they partner well with greens, especially the bitter ones, and be sure toss in a few nuts and goat cheese for creaminess. Try slices of pear with... Full story


Cooked ground beef cuts prep time

Someone in a food group on Facebook recently asked fellow members what was the strangest thing in their freezers. My answer: 40 pounds of hamburger. Yep, I have four 10-pound tubes of ground beef in my freezer, just waiting for a time when I have a... Full story


Stone fruit season comin to a close

As summer draws to a close (where did it go?), so does the peak season for stone fruit. Stone fruits are a classification of fruits also know as drupes: They have a thin skin and a "stone" in the center, which contains the seed. They're in season... Full story


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