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 May 27, 2024

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Ahlers Dairy

Contact: Justin Ahlers
Phone: 402-485-2809
51363 855th Rd.
Clearwater, Nebraska 68726 United States

Hours of operation: Typically everday, 24/7

Ahlers Dairy is a dairy farm located in Clearwater, Nebraska. Justin Ahlers, the contact person, has been a part of the family owned dairy for many years. Ahlers Dairy offers a variety of dairy related services, and if you have any question contact Justin Ahlers or one of the other employees at the number listed above.

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Iowa Select Farms

Contact: Courtney
Phone: 402-485-2013
50550 851st Rd
Ewing, Nebraska 68735 United States

Iowa Select Farms is a private-owned Iowa farming business, with a location in Ewing. Iowa Select Farms is the fourth largest pork producer in the United States, marketing over 5 million hogs a year. Iowa Select Farms has over 800 farms in 50 counties, and is one of the leading economic engines to Iowa's rural communities.

They are happy to employ or contract with 1,850 Iowans to work in animal science and livestock care, transportation, maintenance and repair, veterinary services, environmental services, information technology, construction, swine nutrition, and many other roles critical to the business.

Iowa Select Farm is committed to live production, but is proud to be aligned with two major packets. These packers provide quality protein to pork brands that are staples in grocery stores, restaurants, and foodservice distributors in Iowa, across the US, and the globe.

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Koinzan Feed Lot, Llc.

Phone: 402-626-7936
217 East Front St.
Ewing, Nebraska 68735 United States

Koinzan Feed Lot is a cattle feeding lot located in Ewing, Nebraska. Koinzan's offers mainly the services of feeding cattle and taking care of cattle to later sell. They have no set hours, so call the number listed above to find out more information.

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