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 April 22, 2024

Agribusiness   (Listings 1 to 9 of 9)

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Ag Agronomy

Contact: Maria Funk
Phone: 402-485-2598
508th Ave.
Ewing, Nebraska 68735 United States

Hours of operation: Hours Vary Depending on Season

Ag Agronomy Center LLC, is an agricultural center located in Clearwater, Nebraska. Ag Agronomy offers three main services; bulk fertilizer, ability to custom application pesticides on crops, and trucking services. To find out more information or whether or not they offer the service you are requesting, contact Ag Agronomy using their phone number listed above or their Facebook, Ag Agronomy Center LLC.

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Automated Dairy Specialist, LLC

Contact: Connie Bellingtier
Phone: 402-485-2665
203 First Street
Clearwater, Nebraska 68726 United States

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday (7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ), Saturday & Sunday (Closed)

E-mail: [email protected]

Automated Dairy Specialists officially purchased their limited liability company in 2016, but they trace back their roots so much further. They are the current leader in dairy equipment sales and services in all of Nebraska. They have growing and committed team that currently serve the dairy industry in many states such as; Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas. Automated Dairy Specialists specializes in giving their customers the very vest service possible.

Their committed staff of specialists currently includes; Manger Connie Bellingtier, Office Manager AP/AR Kathy Waller, Sales Manager Joe Knopp, Service Manger/Service Technician Joe Lundgren, Parts Department Manager Marshall Waller, Route Specialist Greg Bellingtier, Service Technician/Licensed Electrician Shannon Dorcey, Service Technician/Refrigeration Specialist/ Welder Dwight VanOstrand, Service Technician Kenny McCellan, Service Technician/Welder Ryan Hanak, and Service Technician Michael Collins.

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Farmers Pride

Contact: Chad Napier, Dave Spencer
Phone: 402-626-7997, 605-661-564
5585 115 Front St.
Ewing, Nebraska 68735 United States

Hours of operation: Sunday (Closed), Monday - Friday (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Saturday (Closed)

Farmers Pride is a farm supply and grain marketing co-op owned by the citizens, located in Ewing, Nebraska. It was established in Battle Creek as a creamery co-op in 1929. Today the company serves agricultural producers, commercial customers, and homeowners through 30 different counties. The current staff in Ewing are; Robert Duhachek (Energy Delivery/Propane & Fuel, Sherry Melcher (Customer Sales & Service), Chad Napier (Location Manager). The second number listed is the number for Dave Spencer, the Battle-Creek Supervisor.

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Kester Herfords

Contact: Cody Kester
Phone: 402-750-3419
1505 W. Rd
Central City, Nebraska 68826 United States

Hours of operation: No Specific Hours

Kester Herfords is a feedlot located in Clearwater, Nebraska. Although their mailing location is located in Clearwater, they host many livestock auctions in Clearwater and surrounding areas, contact Cody Kester to find out more about these auctions. Kester Herfords pride themselves in having quality herfords, raised with the same love and care you would give a child.

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Kim Allemang Feed Yards

Contact: Kim Allemang
Phone: 402-285-2536
85495 515 Avenue
Clearwater, Nebraska 68726 United States

Kim Allemang Feed Yards are a local farm, that serves the local farmers and ranchers in our area. She has many herds of different cattle in her feedlot, all that are fed well at her feed yards. Kim Allemang Feed Yards are located in Clearwater, Nebraska, but supports many local farmers and ranchers.

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Koenig Farms, Inc.

Contact: James Koenig
Phone: 402-843-5421
51951 844th Road
Clearwater, Nebrasa 68726 United States

Koenig Farms is a local farm located in Clearwater, Nebraska. The Koenig's have owned the family farm for many generations. They do many different things on their farm, including raising livestock. There are no set hours, just give them a call if you have any questions.

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Sandy Ridge FeedLot

Contact: Jeremy Kester
Phone: 402-485-2536
85459 515 Avenue.
Clearwater, Nebraska 68726 United States

Hours of operation: No Set Hours

Sandy Ridge Feedlot is a feed lot located in Clearwater, Nebraska. Jeremy Kester, the manager, has run the feed lot in Clearwater for many years. Although they do not have set hours, you can contact them anytime for any questions you have about their livestock or feedlot.

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Contact: Gib Kelly
Phone: 402-338-5502
86993 509th Avenue
Page, Nebraska 68766 United States

Syngenta is an agribusiness company located in Page, Nebraska. They offer many different agribusiness services from crop insurance to seed services. Syngenta is located in 90 different countries, with a location in Page, Nebraska. To find out more information about all the services they offer go to the website listed above.

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Tom Allemang Feed Yards

Contact: Tom Allemang
Phone: 402-485-2646
85625 515th Ave
Clearwater, Nebraska 68726 United States

Tom Allemang Feed Yards are located in Clearwater, NE. They service all area farmers, and provide them with well fed cattle from their pristine feed lots. Tom's work phone is 402-485-2646, and his cell phone is 402-929-0167.

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