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Isms: Original views on life from rural America

Move aside, Carmela Soprano. I’m in my mob wife era.

Cheetah print? You name it. I’ve got it. Shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, sweaters, boots. You could say cheetah is one of my favorite colors.

Plether leggings? Own a pair.

Big sunglasses? Check.

Flashy gold jewelry? Double check.

Big messy hair? Break out the two-inch barrel curling iron and red can of Sexy Hair Spray and Play.

What’s missing? I don’t have a full-length fur coat, but I do have a long denim jacket trimmed in some kind of faux furriness. Plus, I have a short, white coat that gives off a furry vibe. It might suffice. It might n...


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