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By Faith King

Umphress opens tire business in Ewing


Ewing's newest business is owned by 2021 Summerland School graduate Anthony Umphress.

A Ewing native, Umphress was inspired to open his business - Tony's Tires - after working for Connot Tire Services in O'Neill for a year. Although he loved what he did, the idea of working for himself, instead of a boss, began to sound like a million-dollar idea.

Although the endeavor was Umphress's idea, his father, Jake, inspired him to enter the business world.

Jake owns a trucking company, Umphress Trucking, and grew up around a strong business leader. Having his dad by his side, helped inspire his business adventure.

Tony's Tires officially opened June 20.

Anthony is currently the only employee. He hopes that in a few years, as the business grows, he is able to hire one or two more employees.

Umphress offers tire services for pivots, cars, trucks and any implement tires.

He can perform a variety of different services for these items and can help with whatever customers may need. The only vehicles he currently doesn't offer service on are motorcycles.

Like many other businesses, Tony's Tires has a unique name. After all, catchy names are more likely to make you shop or use that business.

Umphress stated that he got the name when one of his friends said "Tony's Tires" as a joke. Although it seemed silly at the time, the name stuck and Tony's Tires was born.

Tony's Tires is one of a few tire shops in the area, but his small business "cares deeply about all customers." Umphress said he will not only serve customers' tire needs but will take time to learn about his clients.

Currently, the business is offering free rotations, for the life of the tires on the original vehicle, when a customer buys a full set of tires.

Tony's Tires located at 219 West Jackson St., Ewing, or Umphress can be reached at 402-640-5901.


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