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By Travis Rudloff

Alternative Assessment


August 27, 2020

The ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions is the definition of the adjective resilient. Since March, resiliency has been shown on many levels, at many ages and in many different situations.

Whether being released from a job, experiencing financial struggles, sent home from school, forced to homeschool, battling an illness or standing by someone’s side as they fight an illness, nothing has been easy.

Since March, life as we know it has been turned upside down, shaken up and become almost unrecognizable.

Yet, as it starts to become more recognizable, there is still a long road ahead until it becomes the life we are used to living.

While many of the alterations experienced in the past six months have been undesirable, there is plenty of good to pull from the situation, as well. We were able to stay home and spend time with family. Work was sat on the back burner and almost everyone started to experience the meaning of life.

True struggles and issues in the United States surfaced and solutions were examined to resolve them.

Most of all, we all realized just how resilient we all are. Students left school on a Friday and would not return until the following year.

Students had to make the transition to virtual learning, and teachers had to adapt and accommodate lessons to be accessible to all students. Individualized education plans had to be amended so students could be properly served.

Virtually, the education system as we knew it changed overnight.

Employees began working remotely. Zoom meetings took the place of gathering at a large conference table. Business transactions took place virtually, and “contactless” became a trending phrase.

The world stopped, but throughout the chaos, people stood strong—we were resilient. Everyone started to work together. Yes, there were times of debate, chaos and even rioting. However, everyone had the same goal in mind—resuming life and keeping people healthy.

As life begins to slowly take course again and we become accustomed to the new normal, we cannot forget the progress we have made. Yes, we may disagree at times, but we have to remember that we are all in this together fighting for the same goal.

We need to stand resilient and remember the true values we discovered over the past six months.

While we all have different views, experiences and expectations, one thing is for certain, we are all stronger together.


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