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By LuAnn Schindler

October night skies offer celestial views


October 5, 2023

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Ring of fire • Nebraskans from Harrison to Falls City will see a partial solar eclipse, Saturday, Oct. 14. Areas in totality will see the sun appearing to have a halo of fire.

Amateur astronomy enthusiasts will want to turn their gaze toward the evening skies this month as seven celestial events take place.

On Oct. 5 and 6, the Camelopardalid meteor shower will be visible above the horizon, near the constellation Draco. Approximately five to six meteors will be visible each hour, after 11 pm., with the greatest shower visible shortly before dawn.

From Oct. 6 to 9, the Draconid meteor shower will produce up to 10 meteors an hour, with prime viewing time between nightfall and early evening on Oct. 8 and early morning hours on Oct. 9. Look upward from Polaris, the tail...

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