By Sandy Schroth

Sentencing set in 2016 DUI case


August 17, 2023

Adalberto Sanchez, 34, of Tornillo, Texas, appeared in the Antelope County courtroom in Neligh on Aug. 2, via Zoom, for arraignment on 2016 charges, including Count I, driving under the influence of alcohol, Count II, no operator’s license, and Count III, possession of an open alcohol container. Sanchez waived his right to counsel and trial, pleading guilty to counts I and II. Antelope County Attorney Joe Smith dismissed Count III. The Honorable Donna Taylor ordered Sanchez to obtain an alcohol/drug evaluation from a certified counselor and set sentencing for Oct. 4.

Sanchez was arrested June 26, 2016, at a sobriety checkpoint on the Antelope/Holt county line and failed to appear in court Aug. 17, 2016. An August 2016 warrant was reissued in October 2021. He was imprisoned in a federal Arizona prison and was released in June 2019. The late Joe Abler, then Antelope County Attorney, declined extradition on the misdemeanor counts at that time.

Ryan Lodge, 40, of Elgin faced Taylor with a request for early discharge from probation. Taylor sustained the motion and waived $120 in probation fees.

Taylor sentenced Lodge to an 18-month term of probation in June 2022 for a conviction of assault by mutual consent.

Pepper W. Marchant, 25, of Neligh faced Taylor on a violation of probation charge. He admitted violating probation conditions. Taylor ordered an update on his performance and recommendations for sentencing from his probation officer and set sentencing Aug. 16.

Marchant was placed on a 24-month term of probation Feb. 17, 2021, on four Class 1 misdemeanors, Count I, assault public safety officer with bodily fluid, counts II and III assault and Count V, obstructing a peace officer. It was extended by six months in June 2022.

Richard C. Jelich Jr., 28, of Neligh appeared for further arraignment on a count of third-degree assault, a Class 1 misdemeanor alleged June 14 at a Neligh residence. Jelich entered a not guilty plea. Pretrial hearing is set Sept. 6, with bond, in the amount of $10,000, 10%, continued.

Linda Mack of Elgin appeared on an Elgin city code violation. She waived her right to counsel and entered a not guilty plea to maintaining a dangerous building. James McNally represents the city. A trial is set Oct. 4.

Zane M. Herley, 23, of Clearwater appeared for further arraignment on a count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (provided jello alcohol shot to 18-year-old minor), a Class 1 misdemeanor alleged June 24 in Clearwater. He pleaded not guilty. Taylor set pretrial hearing for Aug. 16.

A written not guilty plea was submitted July 24 on behalf of Gavin Longsdorf, 18, of Neligh. He had been granted a continuance to consult his attorney when he appeared July 19. The document was filed by attorney Mark Albin of Norfolk. Longsdorf is charged with MIP during a concert in Clearwater on June 24.

Shane Sleister, 48, of Oakdale failed to appear for a hearing on a Village of Oakdale public nuisance charge. The hearing is rescheduled for Sept. 6.

The following defendants had their cases continued to Aug. 16:

•Mitchell E. Wallis, 31, Montgomery, Alabama; arraignment on procuring alcohol to a minor alleged June 24 in Clearwater;

•Cameron J. Schindler, 19, Neligh; Count I, minor in possession of alcohol, Count II, tobacco use, Count III, speeding;

•Michael R. Pullis, 46, Atkinson; sentencing on three counts, Count I, no proof of financial responsibility, Count II, unregistered vehicle, Count III, careless driving;

•Patrick S. Murphy, 62, of Norfolk; pretrial hearing on three counts, Count I, driving under the influence, Count II, refusal to submit to test, Count III, third-degree assault;

•Jessy M. Dirks, 32, Elgin; hearing on early probation release; and

•Isabelle Kaup, 20, Norfolk; MIP arraignment continued to allow time to check on diversion program.


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