By Ryan Hoffman
Flatwater Free Press 

Dementia claimed his wife, writing helped him survive


Brad Anderson | Flatwater Free Press

Care facility • Brad and LuAnne Anderson share a moment while in the garden of the Douglas County Health Center in Omaha. LuAnne was placed in the care center in September 2014 after her behavior became erratic and it was no longer safe to care for her at the Anderson's Lincoln home.

Brad Anderson still remembers the night his wife forgot hail.

He was sitting on the front porch of their Lincoln home as a storm rolled in.

"...I hear LuAnne running down the stairs hollering 'there's something hitting the house!'"

She poked her head out the front door.

"I said 'it's hailing,' and she looked at me like 'What?'"

Brad grabbed a stone and showed it to his wife. It's frozen rain, he explained.

"She said, 'That's amazing. I've never seen that before. What's it called again?'"

That's where the recollection ends.

"The world changes for these people," Brad says. "They don't und...

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