April 20, 2023


Village of Clearwater


April 10, 2023

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Clearwater met for a regular meeting Monday, Apr. 10, at 8 p.m., in the fire hall meeting room. Meeting opened at 8 p.m. Notice of Meeting was given in advance by publication in “Summerland Advocate-Messenger,” posted at US Post Office in Clearwater, Clearwater Market, and Cornerstone Bank-Clearwater and was given to board members prior to meeting. Public was informed of location of Open Meeting Act poster.

Present: Kelly Kerkman, Marsha Hart, Cody Kester, Brian King, Jeff Schlecht. Others present: Kyle Petersen, LuAnn Schindler, Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen, Troy Behnke, Tony Blecher, Andrew Blecher, Curt Thiele, Tom Rudloff, Carmen Christiansen, Nicole Sedlacek, Linda Hankla, Carla Jacob, Jay Snider, Bridget Scott, Miaha Scott, Angie Hupp.

Approved minutes of regular meeting on Mar. 8.

Approved treasurer’s report.

Late water bills presented. No customers received disconnect notices.

Tom Rudloff and Carmen Christiansen of Elkhorn Rural Public Power and Nicole Sedlacek of Nebraska Public Power presented a completed community guide that was prepared free to the Village as an NPPD service to assist with economic development. Copies are available at the village office.

Miller & Associates/grant reports presented.

Approved Miller & Associates claim of $1,500 for NAHTF grant administration, pending DED approval.

Approved Stearns Construction claim of $72,000 for labor on NAHTF grant duplex, pending DED approval.

Approved receiving drawdown #4 from DED for NAHTF grant funds.

Approved Five Rule Rural Planning contract for services with downtown revitalization planning grant, pending release of funds from DED.

Tabled purchase of GIS equipment for locating water and sewer lines.

Discussion held regarding sewer rates. Miller & Associates is working on the numbers and will get back to us. Board would like board members who started the project and representatives from M&A to attend the May meeting.

Approved building permit for addition to Aaron Parks house.

Approved building permit for fence on Riley Snider property.

Approved building permit for shop on Cole Scott property.

Approved building permit for fence on Miaha Scott property.

Approved building permit for skybox for Chamber at rodeo grounds.

Discussion held with Bridget Scott regarding upkeep of north end of town, and her request village does not spray for weeds or mosquitoes in that area in order to protect her organic garden. Board stated she is free to help with upkeep and Troy Behnke will do his best to keep any spray away from properties owned by Scotts.

Approved Resolution 2023-9 to sell 507 First St. to Tony Blecher for $2,000 with drainage easement throughout.

Opened two bids to hay three village-owned properties. Jay Snider offered $4,000 and Eli Jacob offered $1,500. Approved Jay Snider’s bid.

Discussion held regarding request to paint pickleball lines on basketball court, install fencing to help keep pickleball and basketballs from rolling into street, and purchase a pickleball net on wheels. Approved community members painting lines, village installing chain link fence already have and that won’t obstruct cameras, and paying for commercial net.

Discussion held regarding insurance values, adding extension endorsement and cyber liability. Clerk will present quotes at May meeting.

Approved special liquor license for Chamber at rodeo grounds for rodeo June 23-25.

Approved special liquor license for Chamber at rodeo grounds for rough stock July 22.

Waived three readings of Ordinance 2023-1. Approved Ordinance 2023-1 setting Troy Behnke’s wage at $24/hr.

Waived three readings of Ordinance 2023-2. Approved Ordinance 2023-2 setting librarian Kathryn Feusse’s wage at $12.50/hr. and library helper wage at $10.50/hr. as set by library board.

Discussion held regarding summer help. Special meeting set for Sunday, April 16, at 5 p.m. to hold interviews.

Discussion held regarding paying Tina Snider for her time helping with lagoon paperwork. Told clerk to have Tina keep track of hours and once lagoon is finalized, pay will be discussed again.

Approved transferring $37 from water/sewer checking to general checking to account for snow removal and dog tags paid by residents with utility bills.

Library report presented. Discussion held regarding moving forward with library expansion into old ambulance bay. LuAnn Schindler and Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen have been applying for grants and the library will hold fundraisers and ask community members and businesses for donations to cover the costs. Sheridan-Simonsen will mail requests for proposals from local contractors. Schindler hopes construction can begin Dec. 1.

No sheriff’s report presented.

Economic development report presented.

Approved Resolution 2023-8 declaring items obsolete and to be sold. Added one item, a new lift station pump.

Approved sending Behnke to wastewater classes in Norfolk May 24-25 and including associated costs in April bills if it is the correct class.

Tabled decision to purchase trench box until more information and quotes could be obtained.

Discussion held regarding the possibility of painting parking lines along edges of Main St. and through the middle. Clerk will contact Miller & Associates to see what would be required.

Maintenance and park reports presented.

Approved four applications of weed spray and fertilizer at park through Tip Top Lawn Care for $2,250.

Approved purchasing bases for baseball field.

Clerk report presented. Approved adding $3/mo. charge to clerk email for archiving capabilities.

Unfinished business discussed.

New business presented.

Approved claims and payroll. Claims: $98,306.45; wages: $7,687.93.

Approved entering executive session at 10:11 p.m. for the purpose of employee evaluation and possible litigation discussion with attorney.

Approved exiting executive session at 10:26 p.m.

Approved adjourning the meeting at 10:26 p.m.

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the Clerk’s office during regular business hours.

Angie Hupp,

Village Clerk

Published April 20, 2023



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