February 23, 2023




The Board of Trustees of the Village of Clearwater met for a regular meeting Monday, Feb. 13, at 8 p.m., in the fire hall meeting room. Meeting opened at 8 p.m. Notice of Meeting was given in advance by publication in “Summerland Advocate-Messenger” and notice was given to board members prior to meeting. Public was informed of location of Open Meeting Act poster.

Present: Cody Kester, Marsha Hart, Jeff Schlecht. Others present: Troy Behnke, Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen, Kyle Petersen, LuAnn Schindler, Tony Blecher, Andrew Blecher, Dennis Sanne, Dwaine Trease, Doug Sanne, Angie Hupp. Absent: Kelly Kerkman, Brian King.

Approved minutes of regular meeting and one- and six-year street improvement hearing on Jan. 10, 2023, with one amendment.

Approved treasurer’s report.

Late water bills presented.

Approved waiving three readings of Ordinance 2023-1. Approved Ordinance 2023-1 authorizing the issuance of sewer revenue bonds, series 2023, in the amount of $2,109,000 to be paid to USDA over 40 years.

Approved paying HBE CPAs claim of $7,500 for audit progress.

Approved Drawdown #3 reimbursement of $19,960.13 from NAHTF grant for approved Stearns Construction payment.

Opened Citizens Advirsory Review Committee hearing at 8:07 p.m. In the absence of Dawn Curtis, Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen presented the report. Committee agreed that LB840 funds are being spent in an appropriate manner. Approved closing hearing at 8:09 p.m.

Discussion held regarding allowing Tony Blecher to purchase village lot west of his new repair shop at 505 First St. Tabled until attorney was present.

Approved building permit for Dwaine and Deb Trease at 707 Nebraska St. for a 50 ft. by 140 ft. storage unit to be placed immediately north of the first building.

Approved publishing notice of bids in paper for haying dike north of town and field by tree dump. Bids will be opened at April meeting.

Approved Resolution 2023-5 allowing for one floating paid holiday per year that can be switched for another holiday.

Approved Resolution 2023-6 setting equipment use and employee time rates for citizen rentals.

Discussed filling out questions for hazard mitigation plan.

No sheriff’s report presented.

Approved up to $300 in LB840 funds to create a Village logo.

Approved up to $300 in LB840 funds for mailboxes to be presented to graduating Clearwater seniors.

Approved up to $1,000 in LB840 funds for plants and soil for Main St. planters.

Approved Whitney Rittscher as new Citizen’s Advisory Review Committee member.

Economic development report presented.

Discussion held regarding whether to allow non-employees to remove snow from village streets. Discussion tabled until next month.

Discussion held regarding snow removal policy. More discussion to be held next month.

Approved purchasing hauling trailer for $6,495 from CTR Truck & Trailer out of Aurora.

Maintenance report presented. No park report presented.

Approved raising library help wages, excluding librarian, from $9-10/hour to $10.50/hour to align with state minimum wage requirements.

Approved Resolution 2023-7 allowing listed items to be declared obsolete and allow to be sold at the discretion of the library board.

Discussion held regarding library expansion needs and options. After discussion with ESU administrator Corey Dahl, using a portion of the ESU building in Clearwater is not an option. More discussion to be held next month.

Library report presented.

After attorney’s arrival, more discussion held regarding snow removal, but discussion was still tabled until next month.

Clerk’s report presented. Approved hand-delivering courtesy letters to four businesses in town regarding keeping unlicensed/inoperable vehicles. Tabled discussion regarding purchasing storage for office.

Approved moving March meeting to Wednesday, March 8, at 8 p.m. so board can have clerk in attendance.

Unfinished business: Discussion held regarding the ability of Chamber to put a septic tank in for the new building if sewer connection wasn’t feasible. Section 7:304 of the Clearwater Municipal Code states it is mandatory for all buildings in village limits to be connected to village sewer.

New business: Begin advertising for summer help the first of March in paper and at school. How long to have roll-off dumpsters for spring cleanup will be discussed at next meeting.

Village needs to find plumbers who are willing to work in town and are able to work on water mains.

Dennis Sanne spoke to the board as a CORE representative about updating the Village’s housing study. Sheridan-Simonsen thinks it’s on the list for 2024. Sanne stated there may be a type of study that can be done by the community without having to hire a company. He will present more information when it is available.

Approved claims and payroll. Claims: $55,951.51; Wages: $6,562.14.

Doug Sanne spoke to the board about a neighbor’s potentially dangerous dog. The board was going to discuss further in executive session.

Approved entering executive session at 9:58 p.m. to discuss possible litigation. Approved exiting executive session at 10:19 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the clerk’s office during regular business hours.

Angie Hupp,

Village Clerk

Published February 23, 2023



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