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By LuAnn Schindler

Bobcats slip to 11-1 on the season following loss to Creighton


January 19, 2023

LuAnn Schindler | SAM

Man to man • Sam Cheatum skirts past an unidentified Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family defender. The teams battled Friday at Summerland and the Bobcats held on for a 43-42 win.

After a week filled with three games, Summerland boys' basketball team finds itself with one loss on the season.

Creighton eked past the Bobcats, 43-42, after senior Jaykwon Petite was cited for an offensive charge in the final seconds of the game.

Michael Koenig led the offensive attack, scoring a dozen points. Petite and Alec Schindler each pitched in nine.

On Monday, the Bobcats played a solid game and defeated the visiting Stuart Broncos, 53-44.

Schindler scored 17 points and pulled down eight rebounds to lead the Bobcats. Sam Cheatum blocked three shots.

On Friday, the Bobcats survived an unfortunate turnover with 6.4 seconds remaining to secure a 43-42 win against Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family.

Petite led the Cats with 13 points, connecting on five of six shots from the charity stripe and shooting 44% from the 2-point range.

Koenig led Summerland with eight rebounds. Petite added five assists in the win.

The Bobcats return to action Friday, Jan. 20, whe they travel to Osmond for an 8 p.m. tipoff against Osmond-Randolph.

The junior varsity team will participate in the Niobrara/Verdigre JV tourney, Saturday, in Niobrara.

Bobcats v Stuart:

Jaykwon Petite: 11p, 3r, 1a, 2to

Sam Cheatum: 5p, 5r, 1a, 1s, 3bl

Alec Schindler: 17p, 8r, 1a, 5s, 5to

Carter Bergman: 4p, 2r, 1s

Michael Koenig: 12p, 4r, 2a, 1s, 2bl, 3to

Hoke: 2r, 2s, 5to

Mlnarik: 4p, 5r, 1s, 2to

Bobcats v Creighton:

Petite: 9p, 1a, 1s, 6to

Cheatum: 7p, 6r, 1s

Schindler: 9p, 3r, 1a, 3to

Bergman: 3r, 1a, 1s

Koenig: 12p 8r, 1s, 2bl, 2to

Hoke: 5p, 1a, 1to

Mlnarik: 2to

Bobcats v H/LHF:

Petite: 13p, 1r, 5a, 3s, 2to

Cheatum: 9p, 3r, 2a, 1s, 2to

Schindler: 11p, 3r, 2a, 1s, 2to

Koenig: 4p, 8r, 1a, 1s, 3bl, 3to

Hoke: 4p 3r, 1to

Mlnarik: 2p, 4r, 3s, 4to


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