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By Mark Hoffman
Ewing Full Gospel Church 

Why I love pastoring in a small rural town


December 29, 2022

When we started praying and talking about moving to Ewing, we were concerned about will the community invite us to be a part of the community. Would we be outsiders? People said it would be tough and it would take time.

But they forgot to mention (and we had no clue) the impossibly gorgeous sunsets that stretch for miles, friends who feel more like family and the sweet comfort that comes from knowing my children are known and loved by just about everyone they meet.

The comfort and strength in our church (Ewing Full Gospel)-full of the best people I have ever met who would rally around you any time that you have a need.

No one talked about how our little grocery store or the post office would be the place we would run into our friends and laugh and share life. How by volunteering at the Ewing Fire Department, I would make some excellent friends-or I could volunteer at the school to get to know some great students as a coach.

This little town is full of big hearts and strong roots. I could not be more grateful to the Lord; He has been so gracious to us.

Small towns get overlooked-but if the Lord is calling you to one, perhaps he's calling you to stay or return to your small town. Do it. You may find deeper friendships and more love than you have ever known.

I love our small town and our people. You may live an hour from Walmart, but I can guarantee a neighbor has what you need! I cannot think of a better place to start this next year of life.

I pray that God will pour his spirit and blessings over you in 2023.

Here's to the small towns.


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