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By LuAnn Schindler

Commissioners make recommendation to revisit county zoning laws


December 15, 2022

Antelope County’s planning and zoning board will take a look at current regulations regarding pipelines.

On Tuesday, commissioners approved to request the board to meet and adopt similar regulations drafted by Holt County, at a minumum, for pipelines.

Commissioner Dean Smith said his motion would give “Summit Carbon Solutions consistent regulations.”

During discussion, Smith showed photos illustrating destruction from the Keystone I pipeline spill, south of Steele City, Nebraska. He said the leak would “fill 80 tankers.”

“I know this (carbon pipeline) isn’t a tar sands pipeline. I would like to see Antelope County adopt policies similar to Holt County,” he said noting Keystone I has experienced four leaks in 10 years.

Smith said safety of residents and resources necessitated his request.

“There needs to be something in place to ensure everyone gets reimbursed in case of damages and for expenditures,” he said.

Chairman Charlie Henery said working with Marvin Planning Associates would allow the county “to piggyback on what Holt County is doing.

“It’s the simplest way to do it,” Henery said.

Joe Smith, acting Antelope County Attorney, urged commissioners to start the process soon since Summit Carbon has began work with landowners to acquire easements.

According to zoning administrator Megan Wingate, the Iowa-based firm has acquired 345 of 465 easements in Nebraska.


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