By Sandy Schroth

Orchard man convicted of possessing meth with intent to deliver, leads officers on foot chase


September 1, 2022

A 47-year-old Orchard man, who had been released from jail after posting 10% of a $50,000 bond in November 2021, was back in custody shortly after his case was heard in the Antelope County district courtroom in Neligh on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Justin M. Golter pleaded guilty to a Class 1D felony, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, pursuant to a plea deal with Antelope County prosecutor Joe Abler. In return, Abler dismissed three Class 4 felony allegations, possession of a controlled substance and two counts of theft by receiving stolen property, a trailer and an all-terrain vehicle, each valued between $1,500 and $5,000. Sentencing is set Nov. 30. Golter faces up to 50 years in prison for the Aug. 13, 2020, crime. Bond was continued.

Golter’s bond included a condition requiring him to submit to drug tests at the request of any law enforcement officer. He was asked to submit a urine sample for such test as he left the courtroom, but according to testimony of Antelope County sheriff Robert Moore later Wednesday morning, he failed several times to produce the specimen, then bolted from the courthouse, leading as many as four officers on a foot pursuit. He was subdued and taken into custody near Pioneer Homes in Neligh.

The Honorable Mark Johnson asked that Golter be returned to the courtroom but was told by Moore that it wasn’t possible at that time, saying, “it’s pretty electric up there (at the jail) now.”

Golter’s court-appointed attorney, Pat Carney of Norfolk, was present, so Johnson agreed to hear testimony.

Abler made an oral motion to revoke Golter’s bond, calling Moore to testify. Moore said he requested the drug test after conversations with sheriffs in Knox and Holt counties, both who indicated concern with Golter’s actions in their communities and alleged “drug houses.” Carney objected to the statement, saying it was “hearsay.”

Johnson overruled the objection.

Moore testified deputy Lyle Juracek had asked Golter to produce a urine specimen for testing, but Golter claimed he could not produce one. He was given water, but allegedly only took a few sips.

Johnson set a new bond, in the amount of $250,000, 10%, indicating it had to be “new money.” He sequestered funds held by the county from the old bond until a hearing is held.


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