By Sandy Schroth

Alliance woman loses speeding ticket fights, Antelope County court defendants sentenced


August 11, 2022

An Alliance woman made an unsuccessful attempt to fight a speeding ticket in the Antelope County courtroom in Neligh last Wednesday, Aug. 3.

Jane E. Fletcher, 55, faced the Honorable Donna Taylor for trial on an infraction charge of exceeding the posted speed limit by 25 miles per hour. Fletcher, who was self-represented, testified for the defense and Nebraska State Patrol trooper Mora Tighe was called to the witness stand for the prosecution. Taylor found the defendant guilty and fined her $200 and taxed her $49 costs. In a July 1 written not guilty plea, Fletcher said, “Both my speedometer and the Maps App I was using for directions registered the same speed, which was significantly different from the accused speed of 90 mph.” She was cited by Tighe on Highway 275, between Oakdale and Tilden on June 2.

Richard C. Jelich Jr., 27, of Neligh faced Taylor for sentencing on four counts committed April 16 in Neligh. Taylor sentenced Jelich to 45 days in the Antelope County Jail on each Count II, obstructing a police officer; Count III, resisting arrest; Count IV, obstructing government operations, all Class 1 misdemeanors; and Count V, a Class 3 misdemeanor, disturbing the peace. The time is to be served concurrently. He was given credit on Count II for five days previously served and was taxed $50 costs of prosecution. County attorney Joe Abler dismissed a felony count, second-degree assault of a peace officer, pursuant to a May plea agreement. Jelich was represented by Antelope County public defender Pat Carney of Norfolk.

Tyson A. Belitz, 23, of Neligh appeared alongside his attorney, Jeff Doerr of Neligh, to be sentenced for his conviction of a Class 3 misdemeanor, first-offense reckless driving, committed June 4 in Neligh. Taylor fined Belitz $500 and taxed him $50 costs. Belitz pleaded guilty to the charge in July, at which time he admitted he had consumed alcohol prior to the June 4 traffic stop in Neligh. Although Abler said the case had been investigated for driving under the influence, with a Datamaster test result of .104, he did not file a DUI charge.

Michael R. Braband, 27, of Elgin appeared with his attorney, Dennis Morland of Norfolk, for sentencing on two Class 2 misdemeanor counts of issuing no-account/insufficient-fund checks, second offense, committed in 2021. Taylor fined him $250 for each count and taxed him $52 costs. Braband pleaded guilty, per terms of a plea agreement, to the two counts that had been reduced from felonies pursuant to a plea bargain, and Abler dismissed three additional felony counts of writing bad checks. All five merchants had been reimbursed.

Raymond F. Poli, 45, of Neligh appeared without counsel and pleaded guilty to a count of driving with no operator’s license. Taylor fined him $100 and assessed $50 costs for the Jan. 21 offense.

Cade J. Hammer, 19, of Creighton faced Taylor for arraignment on a Class 3 misdemeanor charge, minor in possession of alcohol (age 19/20), committed June 25 in downtown Clearwater. Hammer, who waived his right to counsel, pleaded guilty. Taylor fined him $300 and taxed him $50 costs.

Brandi J. Ruzicka, 20, of Orchard appeared for arraignment on an MIP (age 19/20) charge, committed June 26 in downtown Clearwater. Ruzicka, who waived her right to counsel, pleaded guilty. Taylor fined her $300 and taxed her $50 costs.

Macy M. Moore, 26, of Albion faced Taylor on a charge of writing an insufficient/no fund check for $21.89 to Elgin One Stop on March 20, 2021. Moore waived her right to counsel. Restitution had been made and Taylor sustained an oral motion by Abler to dismiss the charge without prejudice.

Marie Sands, 40, of Petersburg appeared on a charge of writing an insufficient/no fund check for $17.23 to Elgin One Stop on Sept. 26, 2021. Sands waived her right to counsel. Restitution had been made and Taylor sustained an oral motion by Abler to dismiss the charge without prejudice.

Cameron J. Classen, 35, of Orchard pleaded guilty July 15, by waiver, to allowing a dog to run at large in Orchard. He was fined $25 and assessed $49 costs. A warrant for Classen’s arrest, signed by Taylor on July 12, was recalled July 15.

Scott J. Schindler, 54, of Clearwater pleaded guilty, by waiver, and was fined $50 and $49 costs for an infraction count, possession of open alcohol container June 25 in downtown Clearwater.


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