By Sandy Schroth

Previous conviction amps bad check charges to felonies


Michael R. Braband, 27, of Elgin appeared in Antelope County Court in Neligh on May 18. He is charged with five felony counts of issuing bad checks in 2021. Braband requested continuance to consult attorney. Taylor continued arraignment to June 15. Bond posted April 16, in the amount of $10,000, 10% cash, was continued. A warrant issued for Braband’s arrest March 31, was served April 16. A complaint filed by Antelope County Attorney Joe Abler alleges Braband issued insufficient-fund or no-account checks totaling $572.23, between Jan. 26 and Feb. 12, 2021, to Dean’s Market and Hometown Station in Elgin and Neligh Flower Shop. The complaint also alleges the defendant had a previous conviction of the same charge, making the charges Class 4 felonies.

Ryan Lodge, 38, entered not guilty pleas and requested jury trial on two counts, a Class 1 misdemeanor, third-degree domestic assault, and a Class 3 misdemeanor, disturbing the peace, alleged April 3 at his Elgin residence. Pretrial hearing is set June 15. Bond, in the amount of $10,000, 10%, posted April 4, is continued, with amendment of terms to allow contact with the victim for purposes of discussing visitation and needs of his children. Lodge is represented by Martin Klein of Neligh.

Alexander J. Robinson, 20, of Tilden faced Taylor for further arraignment on a Class 1 misdemeanor, false reporting, alleged March 19. Robinson pleaded not guilty and requested jury trial. Pretrial hearing is set June 1. Bond filed March 31, $4,000 personal recognizance, is continued. He is represented by Antelope County public defender Pat Carney of Norfolk.

Dustin G. Carman, 28, of Plainview appeared for arraignment on four Class 2 misdemeanor counts of issuing bad checks, alleged in October and November 2020. Carman pleaded not guilty and requested jury trial. Pretrial hearing is set June 15. A $1,500 PR bond, posted April 16, is continued. A warrant issued March 31 for Carman’s arrest was served April 16. The complaint filed by Abler alleges four insufficient-fund or no-account checks, totaling $223.36, were issued by Carman to Cubby’s in Neligh, between Oct. 29 and Nov. 6. 2020. Carman is represented by Klein.

Further arraignment for Anthony S. Osborne, 42, of Valentine is continued to June 1 on a Class 2 misdemeanor charge, driving during revocation, subsequent offense, alleged April 7, in Neligh. PR bond of $1,500 is continued. He is represented by Carney.

Kevin E. Romero, 33, of Norfolk was granted continuance of arraignment on a count of disturbing the peace, alleged April 2 in Neligh.


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