Minutes of Meeting Village of Ewing Board of Trustees


December 23, 2021


December 13, 2021

The Ewing Village Board of Trustees convened in regular session on Dec. 13, 2021, at 7 p.m. at the city hall. Notice of the meeting was published Dec. 8, 2021, in the Antelope County News. An agenda was kept current and on file at the village clerk’s office.

Chairman, James Ramold, called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Notice was given to the posted location of the open meetings law.

Board members present were Dustin Jorgensen, Dustin Wright, Kane Fry and James Ramold. Absent was Bill Graber. Also present were LuAnn Schindler of the Summerland Advocate, Kelli Garcia of the Antelope County News, Larry Steele from Miller & Associates, Alan Potter and Sharon Swails.


Minutes of the November 8, 2021 regular meeting;

November bills as presented;

Bills approved:

NE Department of Revenue, sales tax, 480.28; FTPS (employer share) soc sec/med, 435.75; Bud’s Sanitary, trash (193 @ 12.50), 2,412.50; Black Hills Energy, util, 387.50; Elkhorn Public Power, util, 1,775.79; Great Plains Comm., util, 300.82; Core & Main, diffuser, 124.42; NE Dept. Env. Quality, loan payment - sewer, 2,175.25; Ewing Feed and Supply, sup, 129.26; Ewing Family Foods, sup, 4.77; Pitzer Publishing, publishing, 50.51; McNally Law Office, Nov. billing, 150.00; Quill, office sup, 168.99; NE Dept. Env Quality, interest on loan - water, 4,627.74; Eakes, office sup, 29.10; NDEE - water operators, license 115.00; WestEnd, pickup and loader, 122.00; Rotherham Tire, service pickup, 45.40; Post Office, water samples/postage, 82.60; NE Public Health Env. Lab, water/well samples, 30.00; Summerland Public Schools, liquor and tobacco license, 1,080.00; gWorks, W-2’s for computer, 64.83; Verizon, phone/olice car equip, 81.03; Wages, gross wages, 5,066.59; Alan Potter, ins allow, 500.00; Board members, annual pay, 3,600.00;

Water project: Miller & Assoc., 5,000.00; Downey Drilling, 46,758.01; Downey Drilling, 24,251.81

Housing Rehab: CDS Inspections & Beyond, 786.58; Sudbeck Construction, 9,305.00.

Reorganization: Chairman, James Ramold; park dept., Dustin Jorgensen; street dept., Kane Fry; water/sewer dept., Dustin Wright; cemetery dept., James Ramold; dump dept., Bill Graber; village attorney, Joe McNally, McNally Law Office; accountant, Dana F. Cole & Company; newspaper, Summerland Advocate-Messenger; Bank, Ewing Bank; Law Enforcement, part-time officer, Austi Hergott; engineer, Miller & Associates; street superintendent, Reed Miller; maintenance, Allan Potter; village clerk/treasurer, Sharon Swails;

Chemical treatment for Well 661;

Demolition permit #2021-5 for Terry Anson;

Housing claims for EWING-16 for Sudbeck Construction in amount of $9,305.00 and CDS Inspections and Beyond in amount of $786.58.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

Complete set of minutes on file at the village office.

Sharon Swails, CMC

Ewing Village Clerk

Published December 23, 2021



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