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NNTC invests in customer experience


Officials with Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company are working to improve the overall Fiber Fast Internet experience with an approximately $1 million investment, company wide.

The company's optical network terminals or ONTs, boxes on the side of homes and businesses which transmit NNTC services, are being upgraded. The new ONTs will be installed inside homes and businesses instead of on the outside.

The placement and new technology in this new equipment will give customers an even faster internet experience.

"We are switching our customers from the last generation of fiber transport to the very latest generation of fiber transport, offering them an opportunity for greater service and faster service and more reliable service with the newest and greatest equipment," said central office technician Kurt Mullins.

"Over the next few years, when we replace the terminals on the outside of your house and in your house, we will check your speed and redo every place that we serve. As we put in new equipment, we're doing speed tests to make sure our system runs well," said general manager Pat McElroy at the NNTC annual members' meeting.

The new ONTs have been installed in three NNTC communities so far: Martinsburg, Maskell and Obert in Dixon and Cedar counties.

An NNTC customer service representative will contact customers for the transition when the time comes. This is an ongoing long-term project.


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