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Proceedings Village of Clearwater Board of Trustees


February 18, 2021


Village of Clearwate rBoard of Trustees

Feb. 8, 2021

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Clearwater met in regular session Monday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m., in the fire hall meeting room. Meeting opened at 7:01 p.m. Notice of Meeting was given in advance by publication in Summerland Advocate-Messenger and notice was given to council persons prior to meeting. Public was informed of location of Open Meeting Act poster.

Present: Kevin Filsinger, Steve Stearns, Kelly Kerkman, Mike Klabenes, Steve Hankla. Others present: Lauren Sheridan-Simonson, Kate Ahlers, Bill Thiele, Mike Sanne, Angie Hupp.

Approved special minutes, regular minutes and treasurer’s report for January. Late water bills were presented.

Ad for bids has been printed in Summerland Advocate-Messenger for construction of lagoon project.

Economic development report: Approved 60-day deadline for micro-façade applications. Approved Dec. 31, 2021, deadline for digital-façade program applications. Unused funds from either program will roll back into general economic development account. Approved setting up emails for village clerk, board, library and economic development. Village will pay Rackspace Technology monthly fee to maintain. Approved setting up online pay options through website. Customers will be able to pay water bills, dog tag fees and building permit fees through website. Customers also responsible for associated fees. Approved matching funds for housing grant application to $35,000 from village LB840 funds. Approved nomination of Dick Kester for economic board.

Approved transferring $1,000 from economic savings to economic checking.

Maintenance report: Kate Ahlers will apply for applicator’s license to spray for mosquitoes. Water leak on property corner of Nevada and Custer streets. Clerk will contact plumber to fix as soon as weather improves. Ahlers would like cement slab poured to store Bobcat attachments. Approved purchasing strobe light for loader.

Board interested in possible purchase of school land tracts. Mike Sanne presented current information. School board still finalizing decision. Approved hiring engineer to look at property and give feedback for possible village acquisition, to be used for housing.

Approved annual statement of casualty insurance values.

Mike Klabenes to take classes for Class IV water operator’s license. Approved annual Nebraska Rural Water Association membership.

Clerk’s report: Approved absorbing old water bill for customer who’s been gone for three years and has no forwarding address. Most of leftover bill is late fees. Approved bond insurance for Angie Hupp as clerk/treasurer, and Kelly Kerkman as water commissioner. Notices for required dog tags will be sent three times with water bills. Shot records, name and breed/description of dog is required with payment. Hupp will check on status of nuisance letter delivered by sheriff’s deputy. Mowing bids for mowing dike this summer will be posted in the paper.

Kids have been seen playing on village-owned sand pile in parking lot by park. Village is liable if there is an accident, so Ahlers will move pile to dump area.

Old business: Rutjens Construction sent updated estimate for tapping into water main southwest of town. Approved estimate of $10,589 to put in a 1 ¼ inch line. Still waiting on estimate for tapping into lines for camper pads on north side of town. Security cameras for park are backordered until March.

New business: Community member mentioned interest in forming committee to fix up old gas station building and create small museum. Board would like to be presented a plan if committee can be formed.

Approved paying Innovative Ag claim. Klabenes abstained.

Approved paying KF Repair claim. Filsinger abstained.

Approved all other claims.

Claims and payroll: Wages: $4,911.66; bills: $34,379.15

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the clerk’s office during regular business hours.

Angie Hupp,

Village Clerk

Published February 18, 2021



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