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Gobble til you Wobble


November 26, 2020

Third-grade students at Summerland Public School were asked what they would serve for Thanksgiving dinner if they were the host or how they would cook a turkey. Their responses appear, in original form, as submitted to SAM.

This is how I would cook a Turkey! First I will put seasoning on it. Then I’ll stick it on a grill for 1 hour. Take it off. It will smell wonderful. Now I can eat it with my family. It will be great!

-Tony Ahlers

I would help mom serve Thanksgiving. I would get the bowls ready and the plates ready. I would cook turkey, corn, green beans, apples sauce, mashed potatoes, cow meat, watermealon, apples, pears, pineapples, oranges, and grapes. For dessert I’d have pumpkin pie, apple pie and cherry pie, and different kinds of pie. Then I would put all of the food on the table. Then I would get my friends and cousins and family. Then we would play games and eat. That would be easy peasy.

-Wyatt Bolling

Gobble Gobble!

It’s a Lot of work to cook a turkey! You put it in the oven. Then cook it for an hour or two. And then if you want any seawsonings put them on. What my family puts on is what the whole family likes. We all don’t like the same seasonings but when its mixed up together Mmmmm! OH and I almost forgot because its so good! You have to wait about ten to twenty minutes which might seem like a day to cool so you can eat it! Wala. Mmm! Some good turkey you might love!

-Auryana Lesily Lien Hernandez

Gobble gobble! I would love to host Thanksgiving dinner for my family. If I was hosting Thanksgiving I would bake a juicy turkey! Mmmm. My family would make apple and pumpkin pies. We would have a very long table for my whole family. I would bake stuffing and mashed potatoes. We would have a lot of turkey terrific games to play. Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving.

-Grace Ahlers

Gobble Gobble! Turkey are good to eat. First you go hunt for one. You have to go with a rifle. Booom! Then you take all the feathers out. Then you take the turkey to the vet and make sure they are no rabies. And then you cook it. I bake it at 1000 degrees. Ding, Ding! And then you can put spices on it. And then you can eat.

-Max Shrader

Yeah, Thanksgiving is soon! I’d love to host a Thanksgiving for my family. I would make a turkey, some stuffing, buns, and some fruit. I would make so much food that it might last forever. A lot of people would come and I hope they love it so much that they make an mmmmm sound. We would do some board games or watch tv. That is how I will host one of the best and most awesome Thanksgiving dinners.

-Lilian Claire Nolze

I would enjoy cooking a turkey. First, I would preheat the oven. While it is preheating I would sprinkle spices on it. Then, when I am doneI will slide it in the oven. I would put it in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It would smell as good as pumpkin pie. Then Id share it and eat it.

-Kalix Bruhn

Gobble Gobble. A tasty turkey is easy to make. Get your turkey. Cut it down the middle. then cut it into slices. Season it with treager sasoning and salt. Then put it in the ovenn at 350 for 6 hours. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Have fun eating that tasty turkey.

-Cooper Mueller

Yummy Yum! I would love to make a Thanks Giving dinner for any one. I would serve turkey with some salt and some seasoning. I would also have desert like pumpkin pie, apple pie, and peach pie. I would also have mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, and more. I would be a finger lickin good. I love Thanksgiving! What about you?

-Katie Ann Bolling

If I cooked a turkey. yum! First, I would put it in the oven for one hour. Next, I would take it out of th oven. I would put some super seasonings on the turkey. Then, cut it up into slices. Last, I would finally serve it. Tado!

-Gabby Ahlers

What to do when you cook a turky. You need to make a turkey dead like a door nail. Then you pluck its feathers You must cook it for a hour or 2, other wise it will burn. That is how you make a turkey dinner.


These are the steps to cook a turkey. First, go hunting and kill a turkey. Next, try not to get dirt on it so put the body in a sack. When you get home, pluck the feathers off, Then cook it for... at least 20 minutes. Then put seasoning and bbq sauc. It the bomb af the turkey. Now eat it. It might be on fire or cold as ice but I hope you like it.

-Jett Anson

This is how you cook a turkey buy a turkey. Then take it out of the package and put it on a pan. After that you put it in the oven. Wait for a few minutes. Then get it out of the oven. finally eat the turkey.

-Duane Mast

If I was hosting Thanck giving dinner. I would serve Turkey. There would be no parnets. It would be all my friends. I would probably buy food and have a sleep over. It would last all day. I probably would need my parents help making food for people. The drink would be KoolAid. My food would be ham, turkey, buns, carrots, corn, sald, and candy. Maybe Jello. I would have It at my new house and outside My parnets would be our old house. and so will other people is what I would do if I haosed thackgiving.

-Blayne Dougherty

This is how you make a turkey. You hunt the turkey. Then you pick the feathers and tear the skin off. Then you cook it about 300 degrees. Then BonAppetit.

-Corbin Charles Schueth

If I were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, I would serve turkey and ham. I would invite my friends and uncles and aunts. I would decorate My home with Thanksgiving decorations.

-Michael Lyons

These are the steps to cook a turkey. First you buy a turkey. Then you put the turkey in the oven until the thing pops out. I hope you like my turkey.

-Colee Hartigan

If I were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner I would serve turkey, corn, mash potatoes, water and carrots. I would invite my family over and my friends. Our hole family would eat all the food. After we eat supper, we would sit down and whatch a movie. This is what I would do if I were hosting Thanksgiving.

-Dawson McLain

If I were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner I would serve turkey and ham. I would also serve green been casserole, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. I would also serve pumpkin pie, corn, stuffing, hot rolls and kool-Aid for a drink I would also have apple pie, lemon pie, chocolate pie and corn bread My friends and I would decorate my house with Thanksgiving decorations I would also invite my family and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully they like my food. Hopefully my mom and dad let my friends have a sleepover on Thanksgiving.

-Isabella Leigh Hobbs

First I would drive to the pasture. When I get to the pasture I will grab the 20 gauge. I have a turkey permit under my name so I get to shoot the turkey. We would find the turkeys and find a turkey to shoot. Then I will take it home.

After I get home, I pluck the turkey. After I do that I gut the turkey. Then I add some seasoning. After I season it, I get ready to cook. I put the oven at 300 degrees for an hour and a half. Then I open the oven door and poke a fork in the turkey to see if the turkey is ready. If it is ready, the fork will go through it. If it is done I will take it out of the oven.

Last I would cut the turkey up. Then I would serve the turkey on separate plates and give some turkey to everyone. We would have a good feast. We will have a lot of fun.

-Brogan Billings

Summerland at Orchard

First I get in the car. Then I go to the store. I go to the frozen aisle. I grab a turkey and go home.

Next I take the wrapper off. Then I grab a pan. I put pepper on the turkey. Then I put the turkey on the grill. I put it on 100 degrees. I will cook it for 100 minutes. I take it out then I check it. If the pepper is spicy, the turkey is done.

Last I will put the table cloth on the table. I will cook the other food. I then eat the food. Everyone will like it!

-Ali Sonnenfelt

Summerland at Orchard

First, I will walk to the pasture and see if I can see any turkeys. I will wear camo clothes so they can’t see me. I will find a turkey and shoot it. Then I will take it home.

Next, I will clean the turkey. I will pluck it. I will take the turkey and take the bad stuff out. I will put carrots, some corn, and seasoning in it. Then the oven will be 58 degrees. I will cook it 20 minutes. If the timer goes off then I will take it out of the oven.

Last, I will put it on a fancy plate. Then I will get some juice out. Everyone will enjoy it. Then I will eat some too.

-Taylon Bertschinger

Summerland at Orchard

First, I get in the pickup and go to the pasture. Then I go to a stand and use a turkey call. The turkeys come out and I put shotgun shells in the shotgun. Then I aim the shotgun and then I pull the trigger.

Next, I go to the field and I drag it to the pickup. I take it home and clean it. I put it on a pan. Then I put it in a stove. I will put the stove at 1,000 degrees. I will put it in the stove for one hour. I will get it out of the stove and check if it is done. If it is juicy, it is done.

Last, I will invite my family. I will wait for people to get there. I will serve it on a plate. We will eat and people will leave.

-Jake Tinsley

Summerland at Orchard

First, I drive to the pasture. Once I get there I will wait for a turkey. When a turkey comes I will shoot it. Then I’ll take the turkey home. When I get home I’ll pluck the turkey. Once I’m done plucking the turkey I’ll gut the turkey. Then I’ll clean the turkey. I’ll add salt and pepper. Now it’s time to cook the turkey.

I will put the turkey on a cookie pan. Once it’s on the pan I’ll put it in the oven for one hour at 300 degrees. Then I”ll poke a fork in it to make sure it’s done. I’ll put it on the plates. Everybody in my family will get in line to get their food.

When everybody gets to the table we will eat the turkey. When we’re done eating we’ll clean the table. When we are finished cleaning we’ll play a game. After we’re done playing we’ll go to bed.

-Braxton Schwager

Summerland at Orchard

First, I will go hunting with Brogan. We will find a turkey. We will shoot it with a shotgun. Then we can take it home. When we get home we will give the turkey a bath. Then we will pick the feathers off. Now we need to find a pan. We also need to heat up the oven.

We would turn the oven to 350 degrees. I will put salt and pepper on it and then put the turkey on the pan. Then we will put it in the over for four to five hours.

When the turkey is done we will take it out of the oven. We will cut it up. Then we will grab plates and dig in. It was delicious!

-Ryder Jeffords

Summerland at Orchard

First, I would buy what I need to hunt a turkey. I will go to the woods to find him. When I get to my hunting spot I will sit and wait for the turkey. When I see a fat turkey I will shoot him.

Next, I will take my turkey to the truck. I’ll drive to the kitchen. I’ll get the insides out. I will then start cooking. I’ll put the temp to 80 degrees. I’ll put it in for 40 minutes. I’ll check it by seeing if I die when I eat it. Then I’ll probably eat half of it.

Last, I will get a tray. Then I’ll give it to the customers at Brogan’s restaurant. They will think it’s delicious. They will come back next Thanksgiving.

Summerland at Orchard


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