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September 3, 2020

Random thoughts ... a.k.a. I am multi-tasking and a million ideas are racing through my mind.

I’ll number them to give this column some semblance of order.

1. Best quote I have read in a long time. “Left, right or center - facts have no party line.”

Spot. On.

Many times at our house, Scott and I get into heated political discussions. He tells me I am not paying attention to what is happening (uh no, I pay attention all day long). Then I explain he fails to fact check before sharing some talking point from a random source.

Our biases come to light.

Remedy: Unless you fact check from a variety of sources - left, right or center - you only get one side and rarely, is there only one side to an issue.

Mom used to say there are three sides: yours, mine and middle ground - the spot where truth lies.

I am going to remember that when I cast my vote in this year’s election.

2. The FAA gave Amazon an air carrier certificate Monday, allowing the company to run a drone delivery network. According to the compnay, their newest drones can fly up to 15 miles and deliver a package weighting five pounds or below in less than 30 minutes.

Wonder how long it will take to get delivery service in rural areas? If rural broadband is any indication, it will take forever.

3. The Chicago Tribune named Pizza Friendly Pizza, a Sicilian-style pie with a fluffy and soft crust, the best pizza in the Windy City.

Sorry, Trib staff, I must disagree. Giordano’s on Rush Street is superb. Sure, there’s a super long wait to be seated for Sunday lunch, but the wait is worth it. We’re talking a two-inch, deep dish delight, topped with mounds of mozz.

Can they deliver lunch?

4. I’m praying for residents of Louisiana who have been affected by Hurricane Laura; Cali and Minnesota folks who have lost property from wildfires continuing to burn.

5. We’re nearing the last weekend of the summer season, and as much as I enjoy fall, can’t summer hang on a little longer, please?

There’s something about warm weather, picnics on the back deck, fresh flowers and orange-pink sunsets. Summer provides possibilities, nudges you to be the best version of you.

Summer is a combination of storm-filled evenings, unpredictability, impromptu road trips and conversations with friends and family.

It’s a feeling of freedom and I am not ready to give up on that right now.

6. Fall means football, but it looks like Husker football will be a no-go, despite a lawsuit filed by eight Nebraska football players.

Dad has had season tickets since the mid-1950s, and for several years prior, he purchased box seats. Husker football was a family affair, trips to Lincoln became a weekly outing where we explored new restaurants, attended movies and concerts and navigated campus and nearly every Husker sport.

We became life-long friends with several former players, and even after 40 years, we stay in touch, sharing photos of kids and grandkids, along with memories of their glory days.

The allure of a fall day in Memorial Stadium is more than football. It’s family - always has been, always will be - and without it, there’s a definite feeling of loss.

I cannot imagine how the players and coaches feel.

7. I love when friends drop by the office unexpectedly. Good chat. :)

Now, back to work.


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