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By Sandy Schroth

Sentences handed down in Holt County Court


October 24, 2019

Victoria G. Harlow, 25, of Valley faced the Honorable Kale Burdick in the Holt County courtroom in O’Neill for a pretrial hearing on two counts Oct. 1, driving under the influence of alcohol, second offense, and false reporting. Harlow pleaded guilty to an amended count I, DUI, greater than .15, per terms of a plea agreement. In return, County Attorney Brent Kelly dismissed Count II, without prejudice. Burdick sentenced the defendant to a nine-month term of probation, costs and fees totaling $405, a $500 fine, two days in jail and revoked her driver’s license for one year. The offense was committed March 27. She was represented by Rodney Smith of O’Neill, Holt County public defender.

Peter K. Jacob, 20, incarcerated in Nebraska Department of Corrections facility, pleaded guilty to Count I, possession of drug paraphernalia, an infraction, and Count II, possession of marijuana, third offense, a Class Ii misdemeanor, both committed July 30. Burdick sentenced him to fines of $100 on Count I and $500 on Count II, and costs of $50. Execution of fine and costs is suspended until Oct. 1, 2020.

Daniel Munoz, 30, of O’Neill faced Burdick for further arraignment on a count of leaving the scene of a property-damage accident, a Class 2 misdemeanor. The complaint was amended to careless driving, an infraction, for the July 7 incident. He pleaded no contest and Burdick sentenced him to a $100 fine and $49 costs. He was represented by Frederick Bartell of Norfolk.

Dustin Wimmer, 30, of O’Neill was sentenced by Burdick to a $100 fine and $50 costs for driving during suspension, a Class 3 misdemeanor committed June 12 in O’Neill.

A 12-year old juvenile’s guilty plea by waiver was accepted by the Holt County Court on Oct. 10 and he was fined $35 and $49 costs for possession of tobacco, first offense. According to the citation, the juvenile and another student were caught smoking a Juul in a restroom at O’Neill High School on Sept. 9.

Melissa Dykshorn, 35, of O’Neill pleaded guilty by waiver and was fined $10 and $49 costs for an infraction count of dog running at large.

Eddieberto Rodriguez, 19, of Norfolk pleaded guilty by waiver to a count of possessing drug paraphernalia, an infraction committed July 25 in O’Neill. He was sentenced to a $100 fine and $49 costs.


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