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Antelope County Attorney issues statement regarding recall


August 22, 2019

Antelope County Attorney Joe Abler contacted local media outlets, Aug. 19, issuing the following statement about the upcoming recall election of Antelope County Commissioners Tom Borer and Allan Bentley.

Abler sent the statement to the Summerland Advocate-Messenger, The Elgin Review and Antelope County News, at 2:21 p.m., asking that the statement is published in its entirety if publishers choose to print it.

Dear Antelope County Residents and Registered Voters:

As I am sure you have all heard on the news or have read in the local newspapers, Antelope County Clerk, Lisa Payne has received and filed at her office signed petitions to recall two Antelope County Commissioners. Once Ms. Payne has verified all of the signatures of registered voters on the petitions and finds there to be a sufficient number of signatures, she will advise the Antelope County Board of Commissioners and ask for an election to be scheduled. The recall issue will then be placed on an election ballot and an election will be held sometime later this year, either in October or November. The petitions and signatures filed at the clerk's office are public record and can be reviewed, copied and released to the public by filing a public records request at the Antelope County clerk's office, 501 M Street, Neligh, NE.

Political recalls and recall elections are not enjoyable events for any parties involved. However, with that said, elections and voting are fundamental parts of our unique and invaluable form of democratic government. Being a registered voter and one's right to vote is a crucial and fundamental right, and one that shall not be taken lightly. In the event that you believe you are or have been harassed, intimidated or threatened by any party seeking or defending this recall or during the upcoming election, please contact the Nebraska State Patrol or local law enforcement so that an official report and investigation can be completed. To "harass" is defined by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-311.02(a) as, " engage in a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person which seriously terrifies, threatens, or intimidates the person and which serves no legitimate purpose." Please remember that it is your fundamental right to vote, and to do so freely and without fear of recourse from any person.

As always, it is my pleasure working for you in pursuit of "The Good Life" here in Antelope County, Nebraska, and I look forward to continuing that pursuit with you.


Joseph E.W. Abler

Antelope County Attorney


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