By Sandy Schroth

Holt County supervisors approve multiple equipment, vehicle purchases


The Holt County Supervisors held a regular meeting at the courthouse in O’Neill last Tuesday, March 31, with all seven supervisors in attendance.

The supervisors adopted a resolution, declaring a state of emergency in the county, beginning Jan. 31 and continuing, due to the health and safety of county citizens in relation to a global pandemic. The declaration allows expenditure of emergency funds if deemed necessary.

Chad Thies with Zelle Human Resource Solutions in Lincoln discussed a proposed contract via phone conference. The board took the proposal under advisement. It will be addressed at a future meeting.

County attorney Brent Kelly, attorney Boyd Strope and Shelton Reynolds with TP&L were present to discuss use of roads leading to the company’s storage facility. Strope will present an addendum to the previous road-haul agreement at the next meeting, identifying roads currently being used, In addition, TP&L agreed to install signage on the roads.

Kelly and supervisor Steve Boshart reported progress made during a March 30 conference call with TC Energy officials, on a road-haul agreement. Attending via phone conference were Rob Latimer, Brittney Brockway, Denisha Cummings, Patrick Pepper, Jim Powers and Ron Comes.

Kelly will continue negotiating with the pipeline representatives and report at the next meeting.

The supervisors approved the purchase of a new 2020 all-wheel-drive Caterpillar motorgrader from NMC Cat in Norfolk, for $325,680, through the state bid process.

They also approved the lease-purchase of a similar machine to be delivered in September this year, but with the first payment payable in September 2021.

Purchase of two new pickups were also approved unanimously by the supervisors, after reviewing several quoted through the state bid process. - a 2020 F350 Ford from Prairie Hills Ford, for $36,935, and a 2020 Ram 2500 Tradesman regular cab from Wm. Krotter Co., for $29,832.

County economic development director Darby Paxton updated the board on COVID-19 information.

Kerry Kopecky presented information by phone during the public comment sector of the meeting, regarding a pipeline resolution adopted by the supervisors in April 2013.

Amy Timmerman also visited with supervisors via phone, asking for direction on the UNL Extension office, which was open by appointment only. The supervisors advised to continue.

In other business, the supervisors:

~Approved right-of-way electrical cable permits submitted by Dan Eaton, 17/18-30-9; Mt. Edna Farms, 19/20-30-10; Elkhorn River Farms, 26/35-29-11; and Anson Electric, 23/24-27-9;

~Accepted all gravel bids submitted, reserving the right to reject any product not meeting county specs and no fuel surcharge allowed;

~Accepted bid submitted by A&R Construction Co. of Plainview, in the amount of $279,454.57 for the Redbird concrete box culvert FEMA project;

~Accepted Emergency Watershed Protection engineering agreement with Speece/Lewis Engineers for channel shaping and armoring at 14 sites in the county, at a cost of $101,500;

~Approved two resolutions to enter local public agency agreements with the Nebraska Department of Roads on federal-aid projects;

~Adopted a resolution to cooperate on a Highway 281 project, to tie out and re-establish land monuments as necessary;

~Set a public hearing April 16 to receive comment for a new Class C liquor license for Gene Timperley and Teal Timperley, doing business as SpringLake Angus Center;

~Approved zoning applications for the Village of Chambers, a tract in SE ¼ 29-26-12; Yvonne Babutzke, Babutzke Farms, for a tract in 33-29-11; and

~While convened as a board of equalization, approved motor vehicle tax exemption applications for West Holt Medical Services, Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital, Bright Horizons, St. Patrick’s and Sacred Heart Parish of Boyd County and Atkinson Good Samaritan.


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